*Muharram* is the first month of the Islamic calendar. It is one of the four sacred month that Allah has mentioned in the Quran- Muharram, Rajab, Dhu al qidah, Dhu al hijjah. Even before Islam came Quarish and Arabs as a whole knew the sancity of the months and were forbidden to wage war on those months. Muharram, derived from the world “Haram” which means “forbidden”. Muharram is a month of remembrance and modern shai meditation that is often considered synonymous with Ashura. Ashura which literally means “Tenth” in Arabic, refers to the 10th day of Muharram. Shiite begin mourning from the first night of Muharram and continue for 10th night, 10th of Muharram known as day of Ashura. Last few days up until and including the day of Ashura or the most important, because these were the days in which Imam Hussain and his family and followers (including women childrens and elderly people) were deprived of water from the 7th onwards and on the 10th, Imam hussain and the 72 of his followers were killed by the army of Yazid at the Battle of Karbala on Yazid’s order. The surviving members of Imam Hussain’s family and those of his follower were taken captive, marched, to Damascus and imprisoned there.

* Important events in Muharram *
* 2nd of Muharram, Hussain ibne Ali enters Karbala and established camp.
* 5th of Muharram, Taaboot -e-Hazrat Aun-w-Mohammad (as)
* 6th of Muharram, Taaboot-e-Hazrat Ali Azgar(as).
* 7th of Muharram, Taboot-e-Hazrat Qasim(as) and Imam Hussain and followers were deprived of water from 7th
moharram onwards.
* 8th of Muharram, Alam-e-Hazrate Abbas Alamdar(as).
* 9th of Muharram, Shabe ashoor and Martyrdom of Hazrat Ali Akbar(as)
* 10th of Muharram, Ashoora-e- Muharram ,martyrdom of Imam Hussain(as)*and 72 followers
* 12th of Muharram, Ziarat-e-Shuhada Karbala.
* 25 of Muharram, Martyrdom of Imam Sajjad(as).
* 27th of Muharram, Martyrdom-Meesam-e-Tammar(ra).

*Important events in safar*
* 1st of Safar, Prisoners of Karbala entered Yazid’s palace in Syria.
* 06th of Safar, martyrdom of Sakina bintul Hussain.
* 20th of Safar, *Arbaeen* or Chehlum.
* 28th of Safar , martyrdom of Hazrat Muhammad(sw) and Imam Hassan(as)

*Arbaeen* consistently among the largest peaceful gathering in history. Every year huge crowd of pilgrims travel to the city of Karbala from miles on foot to reach karbala. Today also millions of people travel to Karbala to show their love towards Imam hussain.

*Message of Muharram*
Those who are silent when others are oppressed are guilty of oppression themselves. There is no such thing as being neutral when something wrong is been done in front of you. If people stop being neutral, it would be solve most of the problems being faced by our society today. Imam Hussain could have easily saved his life. But he stood up against the yazid . Unlike today’s ISIS( Islamic state in Syria) which has no relation with Islam. Imam Hussain (as)sacrifice his life for humanity not for any particular sect or religion.
Syed Ashraf Zama
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